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Valis smiled as he saw the tank, him and his men took cover.
"operation tank killer"
"but its never been succefully done"
"i can do it"
"But sir-"
"do not argue with me soldier"
"yes sir"
"cover me"
"yes sir" with that Valis turned and started running headlong down the hall as qucik as he could, he heard his sodliers fire thier silenced rifles, he jumped straight up when he got half way down the hall, right into the ceiling bringing some of it down, he climbed up through the hole and then ran to where he though the tank was, he pout a small grenade there, it blew a hole, he dropped down right onto the tank, he used the butt of his rifle to mash it open, he threw a detonator inside it, jumped up through the hole and ran back. he heard a loud explosion and a shockwave. He dropped back down through the hole, the rest of the vuanna were being whiped up.

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