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James Isaac-
Your post cracked me up. Its like on the Spanish channel when all you can pick out are the product names. (unless you speak spanish)
I cant stop laughing at that.
Heh, it reminds me of this Russian adventure game site I went to which had a small page about my game:


Не уследив за своим маленьким братом, герой вынужден спасать бедолагу из лап инопланетян...
Двумерная игрушка, которую начал делать в начале 2003-го Джеймс Айзек (James Isaac). Используется не особо популярный движок SLUDGE.
I found it funny that in the middle of all the russian i couldn't make out was my name .

Wow, on the page for viewing this topic, there were 8 different huge ads at the bottom

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