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Re: Multiple admins & server side mods

Originally posted by xeonel

I've been running a dedicated server for about 2 weeks.
Now I want to implement some admin levels into the server, so I don't have to give out rcon. I tried OmnI mod, but the server crashes when anyone tries to connect, including bots. Does anyone know of a mod that allows diffrent level admins to be configured? Even one level admin would be appreciated... as long as it's diffrent than rcon...
The thing is... that I don't want to include a mod that would require users to download something from the server... not because the bandwidth, but because users don't like server downloads, and would probably choose another server.

I've taken a look at the ojp basic package, and it hat some interesting features... The question is, if I put this mod on the server, would clients have to download the mod?
OJP is superior to all those so-called 'admin mods' but it doesn't (yet that I know of) provide "sub admin features" it's all about Rcon. Either you give it out to others or be satisfied with running the server by yourself like you would any other game (or basejka).

OJP Basic is server side only, so nobody needs to download anything, ever, in order to join.

People can (and should) run OJP client side for added benefits, but it's not required. They can take advantage of the server and its features without having to install anything beforehand.

Note that you can't run multiple code mods at the same time (they would conflict).

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