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Joth'loel watched, thinking at first that the man was crazy. But the success of the attack impressed him. When the tank blew up Joth'loel gave the order and they rushed forward. As they drew close Joth'loel pulled out his Deth'lou sword and began slicing the Vuana in close combat. Purple blood dripped from his sword and he stood victorious.

When they had all regrouped Joth'loel complimented Valis on the tank kill.


Lyria saw a man screaming in pain, she felt terror rise inside her at the site of his wounds and the sound of his cries. His legs had been blown off and the ground was soaked in blood. Quickly Lyria crouched beside him and grabbed a hold of him, she yelled his name to get his attention. He saw her and grabbed her wrist with his trembling hand, he stopped screaming but there were tears of pain in his eyes. Without any more delay Lyria took off the armor on her arms and then ripped her own sleaves off. She tied the sleaves around the man's legs as tightly as she could. The spirts stopped but blood still ozed from the gory wounds.

Lyria looked around and saw a medical truck with various medics around it helping people. She also saw Lambert and Rual hauling a large soldier towards the rondez vous point she had established.

Lyria called out to them and pointed at the medical truck, but just as they acknowledged the truck she saw them make frantic motions and point at her...or behind her.

A heavy breathing from behind her made her very nervous, she turned around slowly to see a hulking Vuanna. A blue skinned hand held some form of alein blade which the Vuana pointed at Lyria's neck.

She lifted her hands slowly and started to rise but was suddenly jerked around as the Vuana grabbed her and spun her around. He hugged her tightly so that her back was up against his and he held his blade's cold steel against her throat.

Lyria felt the alien's cold armor against her bare arms, one of his arms was wrapped around her stomach and the other held the blade to her throat. He looked around franticly and various Mandalorians aproached cautiously. There was no way for him to escape...

Suddenly and with great force Lyria was thrown to the ground, she tasted dirt and blood in her mouth as she slammed into the ground. Rolling over onto her back she saw the Vuana raise his sword high and shout something in it's alien tounge before plunging it's own sword into it's belly.

The corpse of the alein fell at Lyria's feet...

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