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EU Mod Seeking Modellers & TONS of Help!!

Well, the EU Mod underwent a reform (instigated by me) and we want to get this mod underway. Anyways, I am creating an Ithor map, but we need modellers that can get stuff into the game quickly.

Here is a list of stuff needed from modellers:

YVH Droid (Yuuzhan Vong Hunter Droid)
Yuuzhan Vong Warrior
Yuuzhan Vong Troop Transport (Crates)
Yuuzhan Vong Weapons
Yuuzhan Vong Ground Vehicles
Yuuzhan Vong Capital Ship "Dome" (The sky ones.)
Chiss Clawcraft

I already have a Coralskipper that L-5-R is thankfully helping me with (getting it into SWBF, fixing the model, adding a new skin, etc.). I had made it for JA and it received a very good response.

Things that are needed from mappers:

Ebaq 9 Moon (For Sure)
Yuuzhan'tar (2)
Borleais (For Sure)
Ithor (For Sure- I am doing it).

Please go to and visit the forums for more information as to how you can join and help.

It will be much appreciated. And remember, mappers aren't needed, MODELLERS are.


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