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Lyria got up as Lambert aproached her, "Well I think he just grabbed me in hopes of escaping, but when he realised that wasn't going to happen...decided to go out gloriously?...I duno." Some other soldiers helped them carry the wounded to the medical truck.

When they were finished Lyria wiped the sweat from her brow, she gathered the rest of her men and spoke. "I haven't seen anyone else from our platoon, but the attack is continueing There's only four of us left who are able to fight. We're going to tag along with another platoon until we reach the rondez vous point where hopefully we'll meet up with the rest of our platoon."


Joth'loel and the others continued down the corridor, they had only walked a couple minutes when they saw daylight. The doors were open, they proceded to freedom. Outside they could see lasers flying in every direction and explosions erupting at random. The ground was scortched and covered in craters and corpses of Mandalorians and Vuana. On both sides of the door there were Vuanna taking up defensive positions in the debris of the deteriorated walls. From the distance Mandalorians advanced on the base.

"Be careful, we're at the enemy's front line. Watch out for friendly fire." Joth'loel started out...but blasts came from behind him, inside the base, and he turned around to see a group of Vuanna comming towards them from further down the corridor. The destroyed tank was the only cover they had, if they went outside they would be spotted by the Vuanna out there.

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