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Originally posted by Darth Obsidian
My mistake.
Darth Obsidian. Not that I feel a need to explain myself, however, In my post I hot linked a pic of eeth koth. That pic is used on many official sites, and even in the WOTC card game. The Agen Kolar pic I have attached from a screencap I took myself

Now, you have *not* provided a pic that shows us Eeth in the arena scene, if you could verify that, it would be nice

Please read everyones posts properly. It seems you dont, and then accuse people of editing things in to prove you wrong

And re-read the rules, especially the one that says "STRICTLY NO SPAMMING" in bold capital letters

This is a trivia thread, so all I want to see is questions and answers.

Consider this a friendly notification

* * *

Now. quit messin and back to the question at hand

Q. What strategy did the Endor Strike team use to minimise suspicion after they had entered the Shield Bunker

bonus : pic


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