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Well I mean, I do understand how repetitive Zim can get, but I think some of that just comes from the fact that it's a TV show. And you do watch Spongebob. I can assure you, I'm not one of those fans, since I got into Johnny the Homicidal Maniac about a half year before Invader Zim came out because a quote was made by the creator on the back of one of my Scud TPBs, and that's how I figure out what comics to buy... by going through a web of artists that have similar ideas one what can be done differently in comic books. In fact I was thinking of stop liking him for a while just because of the fans, but then I felt that that would be denying myself of stuff I thought was cool.

Also the fan problem is known to the creator himself. So here's some quotes from the guy. These help me when I feel like a dumbass for liking Zim:

The ZIM fans (or "horrible screaming goblins"), they went nuts and started a petition, and pretty much kept the show alive online through fansites and whatnot. They dressed up as the characters at conventions, and they wrote nightmarishly bad fanfics that creeped us all out. The ZIM awareness was bigger than it ever was when the show was on the air.

I hate feet. Hot topic sells ZIM sandals... that people put their disgusting feet in. I hate anything that results in people showing their rotten toes with the help of ZIM brand sandals. I like making merchandise for things that I'd actually want, but we were pretty cut out of it early on. ZIM sandals, man - what the ****?

"Dear Joehononoonannim, I'm your biggest fan." If you're my biggest fan why can't you just ****ing spell my name right. It gets me so angry sometimes I just have to stuff my ears with cud and throw myself down the stairs until I am so messed up I can focus only on my shattered bones and not the sanity crushing horror of how badly some of these people write. And it's not all kids, either. You get 16, 18, 20 year olds who "cant fome a sentince 2 save their lifes. LOL!!".
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