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Setting up a server with multiple gametypes

It involves editing your system.ini map lists. If you goto the section entiled: [MPGame.MapListMixedDeathMatch], you'll notice the following:

;Maps=CTF_Siege?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=3?ti melimit=10
;Maps+=CTF_Detention?Game=MPGame.ASGame?GoalScore= 0?RoundTime=240?NumRounds=2?timelimit=0
;Maps+=DM_Hangar?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=40?t imelimit=10?NumRounds=0?RoundTime=0
;Maps+=CTF_HangingGarden.ctm?Game=MPGame.ASGame?Go alScore=0?RoundTime=240?NumRounds=2?timelimit=0
;Maps+=DM_ZeroG?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=25?ti melimit=10?NumRounds=0?RoundTime=0
;Maps+=CTF_Underpass?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore =3?timelimit=10
;Maps+=DM_POW?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=35?time limit=10
;Maps+=CTF_Trando?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=3? timelimit=10
;Maps+=DM_Engine?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=35?t imelimit=10
;Maps+=DM_Siege?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=25?ti melimit=10
;Maps+=DM_Detention?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=3 5

Basically this a mixed list of maps using different gametypes. The semi-colons represent a comment, therefore all these maps on this map list are currently commented out and would not work if you launched the server. There are also 4 more maplists available such as:

Now I'm not sure if you can remove any of the other map lists or add new ones, but you can specify what each maplist will play. If you take off the semi colon and put them under one of the map lists you could get something like this:

Maps+=DM_Canyon?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=35?ti melimit=20
Maps+=DM_POW?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=35?timel imit=20
Maps=CTF_Siege?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=5?tim elimit=20
Maps+=CTF_HangingGarden.ctm?Game=MPGame.ASGame?Goa lScore=0?RoundTime=240?NumRounds=2?timelimit=20

This map list cycles through all 4 game types. For each map and game type you specify, you can also denote the amount of captures needed for CTF, timelimit for the map, Rounds, etc. All of the specifications are from the dedicated server command line. Now to run this game configuration you could use the following command line:

SWRepublicCommando.exe DM_POW?game=mpgame.TDgame?GoalScore=35?timelimit=2 0?ServerName=MyServer?MaxPlayers=16?FF=0.5?MapList Type=MPGame.MapListMixedDeathMatch -server

You do have to still specify the starting map and gametype as well as extra command line specifications such as ServerName or FF or MaxPlayers. The map list section at the end will make the next map, following your launch map, to be in your map list. Even if you specified the GoalScore in your commandline, it will change as you change the gametype and respecify the goal score in your maplist.

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