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we just had Battleweek5 ,which was great, with over 15 clans and there is already 17 clans signed up for BW6 (april 19-25th). As well as an ALL mod maps event called Mod Battleweek1 using maps from such as The new Bounty hunters 2 map.

The game is far from dead , I'd say the sites that only pull new from their forums and the Mp server lists in your games may be slow/dead ,but there is a whole group of dedicated fans playing every night. Any clan who wants to match [GT] clan anytime , feel free to goto and challenge us! In most cases we can get 2-5 other clans or handfulls of players in a few minutes, taw, tf , rdh etc...

Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 Mod Site. =-
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