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((I had written alot but I accidently closed the page and lost it all. I hate having to rewrite it all.))

The situation of the battle was going in favor of the Mandalorians. Their infantry advanced from the North side of the base. The Vuanna had bombed them a bit but were forced to retreate, the Mandalorian anti-aircraft tanks destroyed most of the ships. The Vuanna had been crippled by the bombing and artillary fire but there were still some holding out within the base.


Lyria and her men advanced with the rest of the Mandalorian infantry until they spotted their platoon. Lyria motioned with a wave of her hand and they ran towards their platoon.

They were closer to the base now and the battlefield had quieted down alot, the only enemy fire came from the base and was nothing more than sparce. When Lyria met up with the platoon she saluted the platoon leader who began to inform her of the situation.

"There's only one threat to our advance," the platoon leader said, "A group of Vuanna are quite heavily defended in a hole in the wall, with several large segments of the armored wall sticking out of the ground providing good cover. They also have some heavy firepower with them." He extended an outstreatched arm towards the source of their troubles. "We've lost two entire platoons to those slime balls. They've got more advanced weaponry and armor then us and combat training. It's a miracle they haven't wiped out our whole army yet."


Signalling with his hands Joth'loel readied a few of his men. He hurled a grenade as far down the hall as he could, the explosion threw a few Vuanna's against the walls. The Disruption gave Joth'loel enough time to run into a nearby room with the few men he had signaled. Once inside they began setting explosives.

In a moment there was a huge hole in the wall leading to the next room which had a passege leading around and behind the enemy.

Sticking his head out the door he called over some more men. "Keep the Vuanna occupied," Joth'loel called to Valis, "Buy us time to get around behind them and flank them."

With that Joth'loel and his men hurried off.

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