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((Oh, sorry Curt-man, nevermind then. Yeah I guess it's night now then. BTW Ethan...just so you know, the detective doesn't buy your'll see. And Hospital's don't deliver, you have to go get it yourself.))

When Ethan left the detective smiled. Another detective emerged from the observation room and stood beside him. "Follow him," The first detective said, "Tell me where he goes and everything he does."

The second detective nodded and followed Ethan.

Giving Ethan security and following him were the only ways they would find out what really happened. It was obvious from the completely bogus story he told that they weren't going to get anything out of him by asking nicely. Nothin Ethan said matched the facts of the crime scene, anything from tire tracks and wounds on the corpses would show that. No, they would have to be discreet about this, if they wanted the truth.

The detective proceded to his office where he would phone the Clan's investigating detective and report everything that had happened.


Meanwhile Carth's friend arrived at the police station too late, Ethan had already left without saying where he was going. The friend called Carth up and let him know.

Carth hung up the phone and turned to Jake, "Ethan's already gone, the cops let him go. Maybe he convinced them we arn't guilty or something...anyway I'll try calling my house and see if he calls."

Carth left a message with his mom to call him back at the motel if Ethan called but wouldn't tell his mom what happened.

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