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Arrow Bowcastor Charge Bar Bug Mystery Solved: Thanks Hjekk!

As per your suggestion Shok/Hjekk, I tested it out and you were right.

If you host a game, your Bowcastor charge up bar is invisible (you can only see your charging in scoped mode).

However if you JOIN a server and play you get the standard charge bar, just like Single Player! But it's a bit weird. If you charge up your bowcastor, and then switch weapons, then switch back, the charge is still there (not sure if you still fire a full strength bolt).

So interesting bug. I am guessing the "keep your charge" thing is just a visual glitch, that you don't really have a full charge switching away (the same thing occured in scoped mode normally). So just treat the bar as invisible if you're the host player.

This bug was untouched by the recent "patch." :P

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