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I'm working on my new idea for The Alternate Star Wars Universe. When this story is finished, which I'm begining to find pointless in finishing, I should have enough put together to start my new idea.

One thing I really want to do is some kind of roll play system of statistics. It's hard and I've tried a few that didn't work, but there needs to be some way to build characters and distinguish experienced built characters from inexperienced new characters.

I'm also thinking of simplifying the player's roles. You won't type out in story form, you'll just post your actions inbetween *these* marks, your thoughts in italic, and your speach in "qotations".

You only control your single character, I control everything else, like your jedi master, or the general of the fleet, etc... .

Everyone will need to start of at level 1, and work their way up. You can do things like, join the army, to gain combat training. Or join the Jedi Order and become trained as a Jedi. Some things can be fast forwarded before, or in between stories.

I want to know what you guys want though, it will help me make it fun to play.

I tried the whole 'controling everything' in a vampire story and it didn't work. But I want it to almost feel as if you're playing KOTOR, where you're one character interacting with the world. I want to give you the freedom to do whatever you want though, and at the same time have a plot and a purpose not just a pointless wandering and nothing interesting happening.

Well I'm working on details so for now I just want feedback, what do you guys want?

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