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in the EU itself though i had own interpretation of levels of canon

1- novels (not the young reader series)
2- games and comics

the reason for this being that novels had constructive plot lines to contribute to the EU and the stories for most novels were used by nearly all other forms for EU. However when you look at comics and games, they sort of like short stories in the SW universe that dont really create a new plot just leak off the old ones. This was for the original star wars comics (eg marvel and some of the classics). Similarly the galaxy of fear books and the dark forces/jedi knight games were sort of secondary level canon to me. However comics now such as dark empire and tales of the jedi have become an integral part of the EU and is commonly referred to even in newer novels. The latter was used to create the kotor series. So now my 2 levels of EU canon look a bit diff

1. novels, dark empire/empires end, tales of the jedi, rogue squadron, kotor series
2. young adult novels, all other games and comics

just by opinion...

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