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Re: Re: Re: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic tv series?

Originally posted by Astrotoy7

*GL confirmed that it was going to be set between III and IV at the oscars this year..

yeah but we don't know if he means the live action one or the animated one.

i think one of them will be set between Ep III and IV and will probably show Vader hunting down the remaining jedi and the origins of the rebellion.

i'm hoping this will be the live action one. why? i don't think a cartoon vader running around killing everyone would be as cool as a live action one. plus the actors that play Bail, Mon Montha etc in Ep III would be up for it, as too would Anthony Daniels. it doesn't matter if Hayden is or not because all they need is someone the same height seeing as he's in a suit. and Iain McDiammid might be up for it too. so there's a lot of potential there.

the other show will involve Mark Hamil and Kevin Smith and will probably (seeing as luke will be in now and again) be set after Ep VI.

i'm hoping this is the animated one. this is backed by by something GL said in 'the making of Ep III book' he tells frank oz that they're making an anminated star wars show that will be 30 minutes each and will have all the 'main characters' in it.
i believe he means characters from the OT, Luke, Han, Leia etc.
so it makes sense to make it animated because all they need to do is get some sound-a-likes, instead of the original actors.
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