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The Matrix: Loaded

This is matrix role play set between "The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded" . You can be in the real world but when you jack into the matrix everyone is in the one city.


1. No god-mode
2. no char control (unless you get permission)
3. You can be an agent, but you cannot be Agent Smith
4. You cannot be Neo, Morpheus or Trinity but they can make appearances and you can control their dialogue
5. No char can have powers like 'the-one' (ie you cant fly, stop bullets or take on hundreds of agents), you can dodge bullets to some extent
6. People who have only just been released from the matrix for the first time have to have go through training before being able to dodge bullets, jump between building etc. This does not have to be done in depth but feel free to.
6. Feel free to have your own ship in the real world and to visit Zion.
7. Each ship must have an operator (list name) but this does not count as a char
8. No more than 3 char.
9. Other normal rules

HAcker Alias:
Crewmember of Ship:

for ship..

Name: Adam Rilston
Hacker Alias: Ace
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Crewmember of Ship: Captain of Alexander's Chariot
Bio: Ace was freed at the age of 14 and had been since entering the matrix in an attempt to free as many people as he can. Showing great leadership skills he has just earned his own ship which has been christened Alexander's Chariot and is travellin the sewers of Earth with his crew

Name: Kristy Galeon
Hacker Alias: Cleo(patra)
Sex: Female
Crewmember of Ship: Alexander's Chariot
Bio: Cleo was unplugged at an older age of 20, which was considered very late. She was hesistant to re-enter the matrix but now she is determined to do some good. She has just signed up to crew Alexander's Chariot

NAme: Alexander's Chariot (AKA 'the chariot')
captain: Ace
operator: Belthazar

Name: Agent Doe

I call him GAMBLOR!!
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