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Originally posted by Nokill
*small idear for a mod*
make special classes you can pick from in the start of a match example
Commando: normal gun
Sniper: gets sniper rifle

and no weapons in the map let ppl kill otheres for there ammo and difrent weapons like me
That would distrupt weapons balance severely. Rather then have to fight for the best weapons, everyone would have them (similar problem to zero respawn time for weapons). It would be ridiculously unfair to people who prefer unpopular weapons (where are they going to get ammo from?). It gives a huge advantage to weapons that have more ammo. Those with the Anti Armor would not likely be able to get more then 5 kills (high estimate) without one of them having the same weapon, whereas someone using the Trando repeater would be able to rack up a ton of kills. It would basically go one of two ways, either everyone would be using the Trando repeater, or everyone would use the Anti Armor. Either way, most weapons would be virtually obsolete.
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