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Okay, I think I've really nailed the jackpot!


In each story there will be a 'main' or 'central' plot. This 'central' plot will go on regardless of weather or not anyone participates. As far as I'm concerned I'm writing a story.

Everyone playing may or may not, they can choose for themselves, get involved with the main plot. The main plot will most likely effect everyone though. In the main plot players may slip in and out of involvement, or only make rare apperences.

Everyone has to be doing something though right?

Everyone can do whatever they want, but still only get to control their one single character.

Here comes the side quests, or sub-plots. Request a sub-plot for whatever you want to do, it does not have to have anything to do with the main plot, and your side quest will go on in the background of the main plot.

Edit: Even after the main plot has finished and the story is 'over', the sub-plots may continue to their conclusion or be carried on to the next story.
To avoid confusion of who's were, since everything will be written in the same thread, the title of whichever plot or sub-plot you're involved in should be at the top of your post.

Example of a post:
Sub-Plot: Title of Sub-Plot

Enter text here:





((OOC: this is an example.))



I think that's fairly simple enough to follow.

Anyway I haven't finished my work but I thought I'd throw this bone to you guys. Give me feedback.

Edit: The New thread is up, but acctual play won't start until all my other stories are finished. I expect this to consume most or all of my time.

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