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Carth got a call from his mom and told Jake that Ethan was going to meet them at the place they planned to have lunch. "Let's go," Carth said as he put on his jacket and made for the door.


Claire recieved the information from the detective just before Dane returned from the errand she had sent him on.

"The cops have let Ethan go, hopefully he'll lead us to the others." Claire said when she entered the lobby and found Dane to be there.

"I guess he didn't talk," Dane humored.

"Did you get the gangs on the look out?"

"Yeah, it shouldn't take too long before these kids turn up somewhere. I'm quite surprised they've eluded us so far."

Claire nodded in agreement, "Let's pay the crime scene a visit."

"But it's no longer being investigated."

"I know, I still want to have a sniff around."

Claire and Dane departed, Claire kept her cell phone on her in case the gangs or cops found the fugatives.

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