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Alternate Star Wars Universe: Maintenance Thread

This thread is for information on the ongoing serese: Alternate Star Wars Universe, which is soon to commence.

In here you will find all the info you need to create a character and all the rules on how to play.

Do not RP in this thread, this is not for RPing this is a resource/maintenance thread.

First off just a description of what I hope to do with this seriese.


Alternate Star Wars Universe, is a complete remake of the Star Wars Galaxy. Begining at the form of the first Galactic Republic and Jedi Order, some 25,000 years before the Battle of Yevon.

The main plot of the serese will follow along the basic timeline of Star Wars, and every player will have the opportunity to influence the progression of this plot. However, participating in the main plot is not even neccessary, it will go on no matter what you do. Every player can do whatever he wants with his own sub-plots which may slip in and out of influence with the main plot or be completely seperate. Even after the Main plot has ended, sub-plots may continue out to their completion or be carried over into the next story.

You control one character, created from scratch and seeking a role in the galaxy. Earn points to upgrade your character by training and completing tasks. When that character dies, begin anew with a completely unique new character and choose a different path to explore.

Become a Jedi Master by training from a padwan and completing the Jedi trials, take on a padwan of your own and teach him the ways of the force.

Join the military of any number of worlds, or the Republic, and train to become a top General gaining many victories in combat and become a renown figure in history.

Part from the teaching's of the Jedi and choose a darker path, discover the Sith and learn what power the Dark side wields. Slaughter entire worlds leaving them barren wastelands in you're wake. Hunt down the Jedi until they are completely extinct and the Sith Rule the Galaxy unupossed.

Desert the military on some foreign battlefield and become a mercinary, bounty hunter, or assassin, take on jobs to kill whoever has the most money on their head and become the most feared killer for hire in the galaxy until the utter of your name brings more fear than the mention of a Dark Sith Lord.

Glory or Demise will be your path as you influence the galaxy in whatever way you want, a galaxy that carries on with or without you.


It's like a game, but one that has no limits exept the immagination. Don't worry about lacking writing skills, there is no writing required. Simply actions, speach, and thought. Leave the writing to me.

If you're a padwan I will control you're master, and teach you in the force. You may have a master who teaches you wisely, but you may not agree with him, or you may want to explore the dark side, but be mindful of you're feelings for he can feel them too. Or maybe your master will be a more reckless one, veering to the dark side and bringing you with him. Maybe you will see his errors and abandon his dark ways turning instead to the true path of light. Whatever befalls you you can not control anything except your own actions and the choices you make.

If you're a soldier you may have to go to war and face the horrors of battle where you will become scarred and suffer trauma or severe injury. Perhaps you will become a feirce warrior and lead battalions of your own some day. Or maybe you will desert, become a traitor roaming the galaxy in search of your own desteny.

I will provide a rich environment for you to interact with, you will play the only role you can, your own.


That's alot for now, gimmie some feedback peeps. I'm still working on tecknical things like the points and attributes and stuff. I want to know what you think, and what you want. So please give me feedback.

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