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Some FYI's that you might enjoy and appreciate.

If this is taking place 25,000 years into the past - there are no lightsabers. Lightsabers were first mentioned around 15,000 BBY and they were said to be slow, heavy and clumsy like a claymore.

Maybe you should start it 1,000 years later? 24,000 years BBY? The reason for this would be that the Sith didn't exist 25,000 years before. Not the kind of Sith you are thinking of anyway. Just the insect race. It was a unified order then. The great fissure took place at about 24,500, so starting it at 24,000 would give the Sith some time to set up.

Blasters aren't very effective yet. Plasma and projectile weapons are still in use around the galaxy. Blasters exist, but you can think of them like early gunpowder weapons on earth.

The weapons of a Jedi are of course the Force, and supposedly swords which are endowed with the Force. Sith have energize there own with there hatred.

Also, a note on the Dark Side. The Dark Side isn't a living entity - neither is the Force. The Dark Side is a very personal thing within each person. It represents there lust, hatred, greed, and violent natures. The light side is the same, but it represents that persons good nature.

The Force is a system of living (though like bacteria) energy that courses throughout the galaxy. No one knows what exactly it is at this point though, so yes, you'll see superstition about the nature of the Dark Side and about the Force. It can be bent towards good or evil however. And it will provide insight to skilled users of it.

Warp Drive in that era was far slower. Ships didnít bristle with the hundreds of laser canons they did in the later era. War was mostly about boarding the enemy ship rather than just blowing it up. Ground battles were more troop driven, but they did have some fairly powerful battle droids to do them justice. And they did have some battle tanks. None of the huge walkers however.

Xim the Despot was defeated by the Hutts, the dominant force in the galaxy before the Republic, and the slug aliens still present a threat to the Republic. Thatís all I can think of right now. Sorry if my post annoyed you with my rambling, but I thought you might like to know some of this stuff.
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