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I'm sure everyone can think of 6 things for each catagory. All I'm doing is making sure this isn't going to become a cheap little pointless waste of time that dies in two weeks. I'm a very serious person, so I want the players to make some commitment to the story and work a bit. I'm going to push and make everyone else push because the human body and mind have incredible capabuilities and I won't let that go to waste or be cheapened.

lol, maybe that's a bit deep for here but anyway. If you have difficulty thinking of six things you can enter a couple less and maybe think of things to add later. I would like people to think of even more than six things though, six is the minimum, but I am not going to be a tight arse about it, I'm a reasonable guy and if six is too dificult for some people I'll help them out any way they need. Maybe give them some suggestions to choose from or something.

Alright, the next thing to discuss is training and ways to gain and improve your skills and abuilities.


Training is a good way to earn skills and abuilities. Training may be done at any time, before, after, in between, or during the main story. When you first create a character he can do training right away and come into the first story with training which will give him skills and abuilities. Repeating the same training again is the fastes way to improve the same skills and abuilities, doing only the begining of training in multiple fields will not be as rewarding as doing more advanced training in the same feild. Training however takes time, but the process can be fast forwarded by doing at fast forward points in the story.

For example at the begining of the story you can start in the military with Level one military training. At that time you may choose to leave or stay in the military, continuing or abandoning your training. If you stay you will be in the military through the story, but you may leave at any time. You will only gain your next level in military training if you stay until it's complete, there are no half levels. Every fast forward point that you remain in training gains you another level. Some times more than one fast forward point may take place in a row.

Sometimes I may make a thread based solely on Sub-plots, with no main plot if there are many sub-plots taking place in between fast forward points that have no main plot.

To make scanning threads for your plot or sub-plot every post has the title of the plot or sub-plot in between a row of = signs.

*Title: Example*

If there are any questions about training please ask me. Any suggestions or helpful critizism are welcome.

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