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((DarthNeoVenom, I wish you would do it more often. I wish everyone would. Don't be afraid to. I made the story but I want everyone to contribute.))

Carth felt Ethan poke him in the back, but he didn't turn around. He had read the note and if the cops were watching them Carth didn't want to give anything away. Carth wrote on the back of the paper,"Meet us at the Hunter's Pub, we can slip away in the crowd."


"Hey Sabrina," One of the gang member's said when he recognised Sabrina. He had liked her and it was obvious, he even tried to date her once but he was alittle too clingy and it didn't work out between them. But they were still friends. "What brings you to Black Malice?"

((Darth NeoVenom, he overheard Malice talking on the cell phone and knows they went to the Hunter's Pub. You can go ahead and control him, even name him, do whatever you want with him. You can control him to tell you where Malice went, and he can go with you if you want. Maybe try playing the role of him being a little clingy and liking Sabrina, just to make things interesting.))

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