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1. No Godmoding
2. No Controlling other characters
3. You may only have one character at a time
4. Try and post every day
5. Edit and Maintain your Character Sheet
6. RP within the limits of your character's stats
7. Your character can and will die
8. You can kill other characters
9. I must aprove of all deaths
10. Request plots do not just make them
11. Post a character sheet before playing
12. Only OOC in this thread unless it's directy related to the current situation in the story.

to elaborate on some of these rules,

Every time you gain stats or learn new skills, or gain more training, edit your character sheet and put it in.

Don't jump a huge cliff if your force jump is level 1. Don't convince a guard to let you pass if you're perswation is 1. Don't defeate a Sith lord if you're a padwan with 2 force sensativity and don't even have a master yet.

For most basic things go ahead and complete the task, if you know you have high enough skills go ahead and post the action that you know I'd aprove of. But if your not sure if level 4 force push is enough to move a huge bolder, ask. Otherwise you'll be editing your post if you know what I mean.

There will be a main plot but everyone should be in sub plots for whatever their character is doing. They will slip in and out of the main plot. Whatever you want to do in your sub plot, let me know in this thread. I will create the sub plot and scenario for you to perform in, I'll create a Jedi Master for you, or your Sergant in the Republic Army. I'll create the war to fight in or the quest to go on.

Always put the title of your plot or sub plot within lines of =.
So that it's easy to see and find the plot you're in.

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