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Young Han Solo Chronicles?

That would be set between EP3 and 4. It would show how Han met Chewie, aquired the Millenium Falcon, managed to get a bounty on his head by Jabba etc - it seems clear that GL has thought a bit about Han's back story.

It could also be used to explain a lot of Boba Fett's back story and how he and Han became enemies. We basically don't see Boba between Ep2 and Ep5, so there's a lot that could be explained (e.g. Is his armour just Jango's repainted, or is it his own set etc). A lot of this is done in EU books, but i'm not really a fan of those and this TV would bring it to a much wider audience.

There would be the overall background arc in place (like the hunting of the Jedi, rise of the Empire etc - very much like WW1 in Young Indy), but it wouldn't be integral to the stories.

Whether it'll be animated or not, I don't know, but it could follow the young indy format where each episode is a little adventure in itself.

Just my penny's worth
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