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I'm ready to begin soon.

BTW if anyone knows a good resource on Star Wars planets please share. I need to know as much as I can about as many planets as I can. Things like the climate, events in that planet's history, alein races, culture. Otherwise I'll have to make everything up and might find out later it's different and it'll kind of going to be too late. Please send me some resources if you have them.

*Getting Started*

The Alternate Star Wars Universe is a re-creation of the Star Wars Galaxy. From 25,000 years before the battle of Yevon I hope to span the entire Star Wars History and continue into the Future indefinetly. For now, let's just take it one step at a time.

To Join all you need to do is fill out a character sheet, and request a plot. Read as much of this thread as you can but don't feel obliged to read it all now or anything.

Let's go over some things again,

How to play?

You control one character, earning stats and training, and do whatever you want. So far I am the only GM and writer. I will create a main plot centered around the main events of Star Wars and write sub-plots for each character in the story. You just do whatever you want.

You earn training by joining an organization such as the Jedi Order or Republic Military, during plots and at fast forward points you can level up your training to earn and improve skills. Remember to edit your character sheet every time you gain new skills and training.

To make a Plot give it a title,

*Type of Plot: Title of Plot*
Include what type of plot it is, Character or Sub-. Every character you make needs a Character Plot, Sub-Plots are extra plots you'd like to make.
Then write a paragraph about the plot that anwers these questions:

What will happen in the plot?
what is my(the player) role in the plot?
who will be directly invovled in the plot?
Who will be affected by the plot?
what other characters may be involved or affected by the plot?


It can be anything from Jedi training at the Temple, or an investigation mission, a bounty on someones head, a small event on some distant planet, anything you want, it does not have to be related to the main plot.

I will post the main plot tomorow and then you guys can start submiting character sheets and plots.

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