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Well I am going to have to make up planets and make up aliens and all and other players may make up aliens and planets too but let's not go there at least for this first story.

Thanks Redwing, that's exactly what I was looking for.

wikipedia is the site I use the most, if you search for Dates in Star Wars, and it is case sensative, it shows a complete star wars timeline with thorough details on many events, characters, and places. Though I find their planet database to be weak.

I'm also going to edit the info on plots, check that out in 10-15 minutes.

Okay here's the main plot:

*Central Plot: Dark Side of the Force*

This plot centers around a young Jedi Padwan named Derrik Nuwest. Eager in becoming a great warrior he persuis his training with dedicated passion. His remarkable talents make him one of the most promissing young Jedi in the Order. Derrik Nuwest is the first Jedi to fall to the Dark side of the force, in a time before the Dark side is known, he is the first.

25,500 BBY, Hyperdrives, the Galactic Republic, and the Jedi Order came to being five hundred years ago. Lightsabers do not exist, blasters are clumsy weapons, and hyperdrives are slow. The galaxy is mostly peaceful with some small wars on distant planets. The galaxy is largely unexplored. Ther Dark side of the force is not yet known.

The plot will mostly affect Jedi who may become Dark Jedi. It will mostly happen on Corrosant but also on some other, more likely remote, planets. Players may be involved in the discovery of the Dark side, they may follow Derrik Newest to the Dark side or oppose him and stand up for what is right. Republic soldiers won't have much if any role, mercinaries may have a very small role, distant worlders may have a small role.

My role as GM (game manager) will be Derrik Newest's discovery of the Dark side of the Force, sharing it with other Jedi.

This plot will set the stage for the first Jedi Civil war between light and dark Jedi.


You do not have to be so elaborate in making your personal sub plots.

Players may post their character sheets and Character Plots now. Remember to check the update for creating plots in the above post concerning the matter.

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