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As an exampe, I will post the character sheet and plot of Derrik Newest.

*Character Sheet*

Player: Mandalorian54
Name: Derrik Newest
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeworld: Metellos (core world)

Character Traits: Handsom, Very intelligent, Strong, Speedy, Charming
Character Flaws: Impatient, Rash, Agressive
Likes: Combat, strength, good looks
Dislikes: slow learning proccesses, weakness, ugly looks

Looks: 4
Inteligence: 5
Wisdom: 3
Strength: 4
Speed: 5
Charisma: 5
Fortitude: 5
Dexterity: 5
Willpower: 5
Force Sensativity: 5

Weapons: Sword(3), Blaster(2), Hand to Hand(2)
Fighting Styles: Lungthyme fighting style(sword)(1)
Vehicular: Speeder(2)
Force: Knowledge of the Force(4), Crafting(3), Senses(3), Reflexes(3), Combat Prowess(3), Force Defense(1), Force Enhancement(1), Force Healing(1), Force Power(1),
Diplomatic: Politics(1),
Other: Jedi History(1),

-Jedi Order - Force Sensative Lv.1: Jedi History(1), Knowledge of the Force(1)
-Jedi Order - Jedi Initiate Lv.2: Knowledge of the Force(1), Crafting(1), Senses(1), Reflexes(1), Combat Prowess(1), Sword(1), Blaster Pistol(1), Hand to Hand(1)
-Jedi Order - Jedi Padwan Lv.3: Knowledge of the Force(2), Crafting(2), Senses(2), Reflexes(2), Combat Prowess(2), Force Defense(1), Force Enhancement(1), Force Healing(1), Force Power(1), Politics(1), Sword(2), Blaster Pistol(1), Hand to Hand(1), Lungthyme fighting style(sword)(1)
-Jedi Order - Speeder Pilot Lv.1: Speeder(2)


Lungthyme fighting style is the basic fighting style used by the Jedi Order for sword fighting. Created by the Jedi Master Kellis Lungthyme. (I made it up, it is not an acctual fighting style.)

*Character Plot: Dark Quest for Power*

Derrik Newest will be training as a Jedi, he will discover the Dark side of the force and be unallowed to continue his Jedi training. He will gather friends and followers and begin teaching them the Dark side of the Force. The Jedi council will forbit the study of the Dark side of the Force.

Derrik's role is to be the first Jedi to turn to the Dark side.

Derrik, his Master, and his friends are the first to be involved in the plot. Later other Jedi, mostly younger Jedi, will become involved. Most Jedi will be affected by the plot. Some mercinaries and distant worlders may be involved later. Some untrained in the Force who were not recognized by the Jedi Order may train under Derrik and his followers.


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