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You'll see a cutscene of Kyle meeting Reelo Buruk. Unfortunately you don't get to fight him yet. After the scene, five turrets above you will activate, and six or seven enemies will come out of a door to your right. Once you're done with them, Rodians will run out of the doors in the front of the room. Kill them and go up the ramp behind either door; they both lead to Reelo's office. There is a button at his desk...use Force Push to open a secret area behind you. Move forward and hit the red button on the console in front of the window. You see a quick cutscene of Lando escaping, and the floor out in the main room will open, exposing a lift. Go down the ramp and ride it down. Take the door out of this room to meet up with Lando. Watch the cutscene, then follow him out to the end of the level.

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