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Sabrina looked at the gang members whose name was Seth. He was far more younger than Sabrina because he was recently turned into a vampire, but he was a very good member of the Black Malice. She also noticed that he liked her. Sabrina motioned to him to come closer as she talked low enough for the other members not to here. "Well I'm in a bit of a trouble with the Hokusha clan." Seth looked at her suspiciously, "What's wrong?" Sabrina looked down the the VIP's carpeted floor. "You know how some of us oppose attacks on innocent people, right?" Seth nodded his head, "Yeah..." Sabrina sighed, "Well I encountered three Hokusha clan members attacking two people for no apparent reason. I know the people were not causing trouble with the clan because they didn't had any firearms." Seth facial expression went from suspicious to disgust as Sabrina told him this.

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