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Originally posted by Gabez
I'm curious... what does the Catholic Church have to say about masturbation?
...I'm quite sure they think it's a sin... For whatever reason...

...I once heard someone (a preacherguy standing in front of a shop) saying that you kill the sperms needlessly, though it could have become life... Well, that's pretty flawed, that would mean every woman on this planet kills every month... Moreover, the sperm in the scrotum are constantly disintegrated and built anew so that there won't be any flaws in the DNA (as oposed to the women's ovums, therefore the chance of the baby having any birth defects (like down syndrom) increases with the woman's age)... When I pointed that logical errors out, he said I'm blinded by satans lies and possesed by demons and thus can't see the truth... I laughed at him and walked away...

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