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Originally posted by Kj°len
Well, what people need to realize is that the Catholic Church is not like your regular political party or government. If you chose to follow them, they are not a democracy. Contraceptives are banned from the Church, because... *sighs at having to explain the sex thing again*... the Church believes that sex is a beautiful bond between men and women, etc and etc, and it is the whole-hearted giving of oneself to the other. Using Condoms and such is not full-heartedly giving of yourself to others. It's like saying "I want you... except this one part of you, I do no accept." That is the Churches teachings at least.
An act of sex can't be a beautiful bond unless there are no contraceptives? The Catholic Church needs to get a grip. No I think the real issue is the whole "Jesus says no tab A in slot B unless we're procreating!" Of course, I don't think Jesus ever said that, but whatever.

I just think it's kind of overblown, the whole Pope thing.

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