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*K'Warra laughs*

K'Warra: Curiouser and curiouser. The immortals don't see their lost magic as a security risk. That either means they don't know enough about the magic to care or they know enough not to care.

Guy: *walking back towards his ship* We will find our friends. As soon as I can pick up their trail.

K'Warra: Oh? Will the immortals let you? They can't really understand the concept of "friend". Their minds have been baked hard by time. Time has been kind to them, given them something to hang on to to keep themselves the same. Unlike the unfortunates like me, alone and drifiting with the changing tides of the mortal world.

Guy: Your point?

K'Warra: You're getting nowhere with them whether you think you can find your friends or not...although it might be funny to see you ask. I haven't seen them get angry yet, and I'm always curious about anger.

Guy: *turning around, his neutral tone changing* If you don't have anything useful to say...

K'Warra: Jonathan, Jonathan. You aren't losing your cool, are you? What kind of seer will you become if you can't control your own emotions?

Guy: *sighing* You are going out of your way to annoy me - to annoy us, and it is unnecessary.

K'Warra: So do you actually want my help finding your friends, or not?


Through the Portals

*Aren grins*

Aren: Torture? What do you take us for, barbarians? We would only torture you if there was something to be gained from it. In case you were wondering, there isn't. The Syndicate was paid well in cold hard...what do you say, credits? bring you in physically and mentally undamaged. Would be a shame to mess that up now.

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