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Sounds good Hiroki, but I think I'll give you a set of training and skills. Remember too, the level of training refers simply to the amount of training not to how good they neccessarily are at that skill. Also they can still be innocent with a higher intelligence, intelligence refers more to IQ, with a low intelligence it would be impossible for him to learn level 5 fighting skills. You can give him 4 or 5 intelligence, his sense of innocence will be more a result of lack of experience in general life, you can give him 3 wisdom too, it's not abnormal for people to be taken advantage of and they don't have to be completely stupid for it.

I think you should lower his Charisma, Fortitude, (and/or) Dexterity. I guess I can let you have 6 Force Sensativity but I just don't want everyone asking for it.

Your character Plot is good, already ideas of how I can fit it into the main plot are forming in my mind...

I don't have time right now because I have to go to work but later this evening I'll post you your training and skills.

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