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*Sir-Vin stood there most of the time keeping silent about what is transpiring. He began to think how could he help in rescueing the other, but then his head feels a bit dizzy, and almost falls over nearly fainted. He catches himself before he toples over and he stands back up, attempting to shake it off.

Then a single thought, jumbled but clear enough, comes into his mind...*

Sir-Vin 'What...? Did I sense that? Is he?'

*softly* "...Alive??"



*In a planet, a far distence away from the group and those whom had been captured.

Cracern awakes into darkness, blindfolded, suspended, and almost if not completely cut off from the force.

He'd felt that feeling before, it was at the undead Sith's planet where the aseir released the ysalmari to help trap some Sith. While which Sir-vin was captured.

But now this was the nearly the 10th, or at least thats the last number of these he's counted, of the times he felt this feeling since the war on Midgard.

He feels himself each time being torchured and brought to the point where he seems to be pumbled to beyond the point of him feeling pain anymore and succumbs to the injuries and passes out.

Like each time before, he hears the same clip-clap from the boots from whom questions him everytime.

Strangely, Cracern felt oddly in good health in each time he awoke...*

?? *sinister voice* "Ah, awake again? I grow weary of this repeative process. But of course I'd expect you to say like you have been for the past few times, oh what was it? '[i]Why don't you save yourself the trouble." Was that it?"

*Cracern's expression was nothing but a bit anoyed, but almost forcing himself not to say anything that would result in a shorted time of consciousness due to yet another prolonged 'session'.*

?? "Oh? I see you still have a bit yet to go before you mgiht talk? Well, at least your expression tells enough. How about we try this again, I know you don't like the sessions we have here, so I'll be quick and leave you to them. That is, if you don't wish to contribute the information we want..."

*foot steps get closer, then Cracern feels the interigator's glove holding his chin.*

?? *slight angered* "Where, are your friends hiding? Where is Hemdall and the rest of the Aesir!"

*Cracken jerks his head from the interrigator's grip. And the Interrigator's feet sound as if they step away.

Then the sound Cracern hears before he gets pumbled... Sandpeople, or Tuskin Raiders, as people may call them. The skreeches from them nearly made Cracern shutter, and the distinct footsteps evenly walked away, and a large metal door slams. And then for as long as Cracern can manage to keep awake, he gets pumbled, pounded, and shocked from the Sandpeople's staff's, specially equiped with electric prods.*

*Screams from Cracern could be heard echoing down the passage ways outside the room he's kept in...*

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