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It's fine Hiroki, except one thing is still bugging me a bit. The whole, Iron will of a child thing. Well by will I mean more like a person is less likely to give up if he has high will, and more likely to quit if he has low will, but not childish things like getting what he wants. Iron will of a child is more like being spoiled and getting what you want when you throw a fit. Since he's a street kid he wouldn't be spoiled in that way so I don't think he should have the iron will of a child. His will should be determined more as his abuility to carry out a difficult task under pressure or being cowardly and running away when things get dangerous.

Edit: oops, got your character confused with Jokemaster's, ignore the bit about being rasied on the streets.

Yeah but still everything else about will. Weather or not he's got the iron will of a child is different from willpower. Put it as a character flaw if you want him to still have the iron will of a child but adjust the will (willpower) based on determination in times of skill and difficulty.


weiderudare, sounds good, the Shi'va thing I'm a bit doubtful towards...the Jedi always focus more on sword fighting. How are you going to block blaster bolts with your fists? I guess I could say it's a fighting style your master has created and is working on, that he introduced you to it. But it's not a regular part of Jedi Training. Go ahead and keep Shi'va but add on the full skills of the Jedi training. The skills only refer to training, not how good you acctually are at it. So just cuz he doesn't like sword or blaster training doesn't mean he doesn't have to do it like everyone else.

Okay I'm making your masters and working on plots, I won't post your master's character profiles but I will tell you a bit about them when they're finished. I will make their profiles though and keep them on my computer for personal reference but it doesn't need to be comon knowledge and it's a waste of space for me to post every side character's sheet.

The story should be ready to begin tomorow.

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