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Yes, there is the whole thing where Darth Vader blocked Han Solo's shot with his hand then pulled the gun out of Han's hand.

But's different when your standing there across the room one on one. You can't move your hands as fast as a sword or cover as much of yourself. Hands don't reach as far as blades. Sure we'll include blocking blaster bolts with your hand in Shi'va but you're still going to get the full training with a sword.

You get the same training as Derrik, but if you want to you can subtract one point off something and add it to something else. Like a point of blaster and an extra point on hand to hand. So say your master said you could train extra on hand to hand and you wouldn't have to train as much on blaster. But your master still has to train you in everything.

Edit: Oh yeah, your being trained by a Fallen Jedi who left the Order. Okay, um...forget about all the basic training. Just post what you'd like to focus on and I'll write you up some skills and private training. Keep in mind level of training does not mean how good you are at it, just how long and how much you were trained at it.

Edit: lol I keep getting mixed up, weiderudare is the one with the Shi'va.

so, Hiroki, list what you'd like to focus on and I'll cook up some private training and skills for you. And fix your will.

weiderudare, you can substitute points that your master decided to train you less in something to train you more in something else but other than that keep the regular Jedi training and skills.

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