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*Planet: Treshima*

Type: Planet
System: Treshima
Galactic Region: Unknown Regions
Environment: Tropical
Length of Day: 25 hours
Length of Year: 370 Days
Native Sentient Races: Treshiman
Other Races: None

Description: Treshima is on the outer edges of the Galaxy in unexplored space. The environment is tropical year round and planet wide, a vaporous sheild surrounds the planet, protecting it from the sun's harmful u-v rays and causing a greenhouse effect. The vegitation is lush and the planet's land surface is covered in forest. The animal life is exotic, thousands of different creatures roam the planet's land, soar the planet's sky, and plunge the planet's water.
The Treshimans are a very talented race of humanoids much resembling humans. Their skin colours and textures vary greatly with colorful and bright skins and rough, soft, hary, or smooth skins.
They are a low-tech civilization unkown to the rest of the galaxy but they are very skilled in warefare. They often ride beasts into battle, land, air, and sea alike. They have a beautiful connection with the animals of their planet, some are vicious beats while others are graceful beautiful creatures. They tame the bests for travel, pets, and even weapons.
They have a long history of constant war and many great warriors have contributed weapons and fighting styles to their culture.

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