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Quickly seeing the assault on the referee, the crowd gasped in alarm. From the rafters, an archer took aim at the wild Vik. Decebal stood back, knowing what would happen.

A single arrow screeched towards Vik, piercing him in his right calf, paralyzing the leg in immeasurable pain. Praetorian Guards quickly made there way into the arena, they grabbed up both Vik and Decebal, and took them back to there sponsors. Decebal was given the match by default, for Vik’s attack on the referee.

The Praetorians roughly handled Vik. They drug him through the dark corridors of the inner-Colosseum. They had put a black sack over his head. He could feel himself being dragged along, with his wounded leg, the sounds of there feet pounding against the concrete pavement. Doors slammed shut behind him, as whispers were heard from all sides.

Light could now be seen through the pitch black sack, just creeping through the threads of silk. They were outside now, or at least in a more open area. They removed the sack, and his sponsor and trainer stood facing him. The Praetorians stood, scolding him in there foreign tongue, warning him. He nodded apologetically, offering them several strange coins.

They left him with his sponsor who promptly shouted at Vik for his foolishness, despite how he laid on the ground, bleeding at this point.
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