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(( I'm going to be a little lax on you, to make things interesting. The wound on your leg wasn't so bad after it had a few days to recover. ))

Tonight, a great festival in honor of Athena was being held in Rome. Roman Festivals were glorious events of games, wine, and wild parties. Many patricians and Plebeians alike held extravagant parties within there homes, involving wine, fruit, and prostitutes to just name a few.

The guard of Vik's cell couldn't seem to resist the wine, and the women that he knew would be at a local patrician friend of his home. He had left his post, and Vik's cage unguarded. His cell had two locks on it, but he had left one unlatched. The door banged in the wind now, the chain lock from out side holding it closed barely.

There were still some Praetorian Guards around the area however. They were always on patrol, always on the watch for unrest, or crime.

At one of the bars near the Gladiator cells, a wealthy Patrician boasted a well made long sword which he apparently won in battle. Though he had actually purchased it from the loot brought back from the Britannia campaign.

"It is a well made sword from a Scandinavian King they say! They found it on a Bar-err, I mean I slayed a Barbarian who tried to use it against me, and took it from his corpse." He smirked at the ladies gathered around him, as they swooned.
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