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Who wants to be a millionaire?
i hope you got permission off the makers of the show to say that...

Oh how about say the line of a song and another guesses the next line? -- "i was born in the soul of misery"
erm... "now i know my ABC's"?

Anyone travelled anywhere
really? did they? i thought they might.

Favourite animal?
same as McCoy (thats the one thing im doing here that ISN'T copying him... :XP: )

Whose ass do ya wanna kick?
well, hopefully someones thats thin so it doesnt get stuck...

but there is a smartarse in my class; i'd like to show him whos boss (as do most of the ppl in my class but i wont go into this since its spam as no one knows what im talking about.)

It's Spam......but with a purpose.
if you say so

So, theres this guy in my class and he thinks hes REALLY smart. he says that he could jack a car using a dent-puller (to open the door) and a flat screwdriver (to turn the lock[wtf])

also, he thinks his IQ is 136 and he says "ask my grandma" and when i said "ok i will next time i see her i will" he said " she lives in birmingham" (which is AGES away from me)

oh god i cant be arsed to bitch anymore *buuuuuurrp* *fart*

aaaaaaaahhhh there ya go.
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