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Naboo: Encounter (Version 2.1) Released!!

OMG!! It is done!! And, my tester, -=RedKitten=- thinks that there is just one problem: it is WAY too addictive. I think the same for it. Read the README file.

This map is nothing like version 2.0. It has been...pumped up, given steroids, and refined. It rocks. I'm not even bragging. I am just being completely honest. That is my opinion.

And, before anyone asks for any screenshots, let me tell you that I have two screenshots to share with you. They are quite...unexpected!! Also connected to the screenshots is a bit of information about how Jedi and Sith now certain sweet things. Read the README file. It takes effort, time, and thinking to type it up. It's there for a reason. Almost everyone's questions will be answered by reading it.

Anyways, here are those two sweet pictures:

And, here is the link to the file:

Anyways, remember, read the README file.


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