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Hal: If the point is forced there will be bloodshed. Drago, how high will the cost be?

Drago: Your Uncle holds the Aduni, you are undisputed as the leader of the Aduri and through your wife the Relinio. The other tribes would opsose and call for a duel. If we refused we would win the war.

*Hal frowns and nods.*

Hal: Who holds the Nessa?

Drago: They have no nobles, Lord Briscoe would lead by default but he has been kidnapped. They are lead by Wigferth.

Hal: Stonewall? Then we have no choice. *He turns to Heimdall and explains.* Drago is disqualified from death duels on the grounds that he cannot die. In this case the opponent would be a Calledonian and the best Calledonian swordsman remaining is Caster. Caster was a match for my father. If you insist on this then I will have to fight him. I have sworn my oaths and I will kill this man if you ask me.

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