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Record and Playback - WHAT'S THIS?


is anyone out there who knows for what the switches /record and /playback are made for?

Here is what i could figure out:
* You can start a dedicated server with the /record switch. You will get some files named like journal_f_0.dat and values_f_0.dat etc
* These files will grow while you are playing on this server
* You can start the same dedicated server with the /playback switch. On the "Control-Window" you can see the same messages as you have seen before (same message while you was playing the game with the /record switch). So it seems that it do what it promised to do.
*Too bad - if I start the server-process with /playback i can not see the Server in my in-game browser. Sorry, but i don't know how to "connect" to the runnig server-process while the playback-option is in progress.

Has anyone further information about this "feature"? A solution would be valuable appreciated.

Thanxs a lot

Have Fun!

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