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GT-1: Jai Nollan ready for beta testing

This is 0.91 version of Jai Nollan. Infantry only map.

Known issues:
- some view distance issue
- solders get stuck sometimes
- minor bugs

Still to come in 1.0
- missing solder types (imp and rep)
- new weapon
- a small model of something

New features:
- exploding barrels
- glass windows
- breakable boxes
- holo walls
- houses
- decorative stuff like chimneys, fireplace, bookself, lamp..

GT-1 team:
Eddie, mapper
SaturnV, polygon pimp
L5R, Weaponsmith
Dragonum, special advisor
MasterTUF, extreme tester

Remark: You can not fly in chairs and couches


GT-1 team at:

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