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Clan: Darkside Warriors
Tag: {DsW}
Leader: Emperor Skulldron
Platform: PC
Factions: Imperial
Language: English speaking
Country: worldwide ; no restriction

Web site:
Age: no restriction ; We have members of all ages : high school ; college ; young and older adults ; we just require that members be mature.

Darkside Warriors is a Sith/Imperial faction clan with active JKA, Galaxies, Battlefront, and Republic Commando divisions. Our first goal is that we are clan that is fun for all members. We have our own servers for JKA and Battlefront. We have a dedicated Teamspeak server which helps all of our members communicate in games and outside of games. On Galaxies, we have our own city on Rori. Please, feel free to visit our web site. If interested in joining please read the rules and fill out the application in the "Join DsW" section. We also ask that you please post your details on the forum i.e. Character name; division you are joining; times you play online; e-mail address & instant messenger; and your general location or time zone.
Feel free to post questions in the forum.

{DsW} Viceroy Xerxes - Colonel
SWBF - Ground Forces Division
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