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Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
But he was lying...
Indeed. I will give Coupes the point... however

R2 D2s ownership in ANH
Captain Antilles > Owen Lars > Luke Skywalker

ET answer only mentions Captain Antilles, who dies 5 minutes into the movie

but, then theres the question of R2 claiming to "be the property of Obi Wan Kenobi" R2 may have indeed been inherited by Obi Wan after Anakin and Padme left the scene ..... however Obi Wan "doesnt seem to remember ever owning a droid" .... which is probably why Shok is saying that he is lying

where R2/3po go post ROTS hasnt not been covered in EU. There will be some light shed on this in the post ROTS novel, and you have to take the droids cartoons and comics with a very large grain of salt The fact that R2 and 3po are on the Tantive IV with the alderaanian senator(Leia) at the start of ANH, indicate that is probably the direction they went in...

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