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Dual Commando Pistols - For ARC: Republic Vanguard

I figured dual pistols are possible in StarWars Battlefront with the right skills. I can create propper ODFs of the weapon, but I can't do any model work or animation, so that is where my idea falls flat.

They would work basically like the Droideka weapons... repeatable and with overheat instead of ammo (this way no reload animation required). And like Droideka weapons the lasers can come from two seperate gun barrels, while remaining in fact one weapon.

What I need is someone who can invert the commando pistol model that is currently ingame and add it so that the player sees a right hand and left hand holding pistols.

Second, I need the actual 3rd Person model/animations, altered so that the ARC Trooper holds up two pistols.

If this were to be complete I am sure it would be a cool feature for all kinds of maps and mods...

I just need help with the project :P

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