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RC:Demise of Kamino

Incoming transmission...
Clone Advisor: Welcome, commando. You have been called here because of strange signals coming from Kamino, our home planet. your task is to investigate these signals. It will not be easy, but first, give me your name(ex. Delta 38), specialty(ex. demolitions) and weapons(ex. blaster rifle, sniper rifle, grenades.)

When you get there, you can do all the exploring you want, but be careful, we sent many other commandos to investigate, but they never came back...

Name:Lambda 18
Specialty: Sniping, Stealth
Weapons: Blaster rifle, blaster pistol, sniper rifle, detonators, anti-armor charges.

I walk into Tipocia City, it's a mess. I go into the control room for cloning. Nobody's there.

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